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About Coriacea

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The coriacea is the Latin name for cuirass, the armor of the Roman legionary. The coriacea was built in two models, one entirely in leather, the other in leather and metal. This last model (leather-metal) was specific for the war set-up of the Roman legionary. The first instead (only leather) being very light and, at the same time, still very resistant, it was often worn almost like a dress, the second skin of the warrior of the Roman Empire.

The Coriacea company offers vCISO services for its customers.

About Valter Cartella

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I have over 30 years of experience in the ICT world. My mindset is the in-depth knowledge of low-level programming (Assembler x86, C/C ++) and Intel microprocessors. I am very interested in the internal design of operating systems (Windows, Unix, Minix) and IT Security. I have worked for some important multinationals in the IT world. I have participated in several international projects. I remember with pleasure the construction of part of the nervous system (M2M) of the Kourou base (ESA), one of the most modern and efficient launch sites in the world. I am also the author of HP DRAGON, which has become one of the best interception and data retention systems worldwide. For more details, see my LinkedIn profile.

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