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IT Security Heretical and TWS

The IT Security Heretical is the answer to “Level -3”. Level -3 is the "technical" and "scientific" demonstration that we do not live on a normal planet. Security is an extremely profound concept. And the mere presence of Level -3 proves that things, here on planet Earth, simply don't add up[1] [2].

It is now clear that the entire history of humanity needs to be rewritten. The extraordinary, and almost censored, discovery of Prof. Corrado Malanga and Dr. Filippo Biondi, published on October 12, 2022 in the prestigious Remote Sensing[3] magazine, leaves no more doubts. Through the revolutionary discovery of Synthetic Aperture Radar Doppler Tomography (or more simply SAR) we understood that the Great Pyramid of Cheops, or Great Pyramid of Khnum-Khufu, was not a pharaoh's tomb, but a "machine" built in the known period such as “Zep Tepi”, or “the Age of the Gods”.

Zep Tepi which dates back to a historical period of at least 36,500 years ago. Therefore, the Great Pyramid was not the tomb of Pharaoh Cheops, but it was a "machine" built by a highly evolved civilization which, precisely by virtue of their superior technical and scientific knowledge, "dominated" unchallenged over human beings. And the Pyramid of Khnum-Khufu falls within this context of "dominion of man over man".

Millennia go by. A universal flood also passes, which occurred about 13,000 years ago. From then until today man has always been the victim of the domination of an "elitist caste".

So talking about Security (at 360 degrees, beyond the IT world) without taking into account a lot of interdisciplinary knowledge is not only wrong, but I dare say even primitive.

The first man in human history known to us, a character who first attempted to change the whole world and the fate of human beings, was, without a shadow of a doubt, the great Nikola Tesla. The Tesla World System or TWS is a wireless energy and information transmission/reception system. The video below is proof that TWS is technically feasible.

It is not at all true that the construction details of the TWS died together with the great Serbian scientist. I would like to clarify, once again, that knowledge of the functioning of the TWS is also largely known to some "real" experts in the work of Nikola Tesla (not only from the Deep State USA).

The Holographic OS, an integral part of the IT Security Heretical, foresees, in the future, the "native" connection to the TWS as Layer 1 media of its OSI stack[4] [5].

But Nikola Tesla, through his extraordinary tower installed in Wardenclyffe, near New York, has also shown us that "before" being able to change the fate of humanity through a science, it is "first" necessary to have a monetary and economic system, since both the GFS (Global Financial System) and the QFS (Quantum Financial System) are both in the hands of an elite of characters, whose origin is lost in time[6] [7].

The TWS (Tesla World System) will never be born if we do not first of all foresee the creation of a new and revolutionary monetary and economic system such as Holographic Money[8].

I wish you a good vision (English subtitles)!



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