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IT Security to be rewritten

History is simply "all", or "almost all", to be rewritten. The "standard" physics does not add up. The monetary system does not come back. If we go into the deeper details of almost all of our knowledge it is very likely that we will find that something simply "does not add up".

Yet we still believe that we know everything about some technologies. We are absolutely certain that we dominate that specific technology.

When, on the other hand, this is not the case at all. On the contrary. Let's take a striking example.

In the world of ICT (Information Communication Technology) we “believe” that the technologies we are using are the natural evolution of those of the past. Even the whole world speaks of ICT Security (also known more simply as IT Security) when instead IT Security was "secretly" and "silently" hit and sunk in 2008!

The global IT Security market is gigantic. In 2021 it was equal to 216.11 billion dollars. The forecasts for 2030 tell us that the IT Security market will reach 478.68 billion dollars[1].

Too bad that both Information (Computer) and Communication (Networking) technologies each have a huge black hole inside[2].

If we can "technically" prove that this is the case, do not you think we should ask us some more "little questions"[3]?

And maybe discover not only the Matrix but also its "true" origin. And eventually find ourselves and then be ready, all together, to create a Happy World. A new Society resulting from a great collective Consciousness Revolution. A new civilization that adopts only entropic (evolutionary) technologies. In the ICT field, in my book: "Level -3 -- It's Time to IT Security Heretical", I propose Holographic OS capable of connecting to the TWS (Tesla World System) [4].

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