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“SASE” vs “Level -3”

Aggiornamento: 14 mar

Gartner Inc. in its report of August 30, 2019, entitled "The Future of Network Security is in the Cloud" enlightens us that the time has come to migrate to a SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) architecture.

Probably in a "normal planet" this architecture would be desirable. But we don't live on a “normal planet”!

The "standard" information, on which we design our IT/OT security, is simply wrong or, at the very least, limited and limiting. The time has come for the "IT Security Heretical".

For more information.

· Level -3 -- It's time to IT Security Heretical:

· Livello -3 -- È Tempo di IT Security Eretica:

· Level -3 website:

· Coriacea website:

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