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Preparing for the Apocalypse.

It's not an impressive title, it's the pure truth. And while we're at it, we want to be completely honest. We deserved this hell. A New World Order (NWO) has been established for over 20 years. 9/11 was the official start date. The world's elite have had all the time they need to prepare for the Armageddon to come. I fear that the next seven years, from 2024 to 2030, will be remembered by history as the famous 7 years of "tribulation" predicted in the Apocalypse.

There is no more time to explain today's dramatic situation. Those who, even today, have not understood what is happening, perhaps will no longer understand it.


Quite simply, the world we knew until yesterday no longer exists. In the economic and monetary field, we can add that the concept of money as we have learned to know it to date is dead in 2023.


The New World Order or NWO predicts that physical money will disappear because it has suddenly become absolute evil.


The official currency envisaged by the NWO is the CBDC. The CBDC is a completely new "digital currency", indeed, to tell the truth, it is not a currency at all, but only an "instrument" of domination, thanks to which a dark elite of people are able to control “remotely” the lives of all the peoples of the world.

The CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is an exclusively digital currency directly issued by the "central banks" of the various nations/federations of the planet.

The CBDC of the European Union is the Digital Euro issued directly and exclusively by the ECB. Every nation/federation in the world is already currently testing/implementing its own CBDC on its territory [1].


Although openly denied by the "experts", in reality, the CBDC, by its nature, cannot coexist with other currencies. It is impossible for me to go into the technical details of CBDC in this article. In one of my long videos, over 2 hours long (currently only in "Italian") I describe all, absolutely all, of the obscure technical details of the CBDC [2].


Below, I report, only briefly, the essence of the CBDC:

  1. CBDC replaces cash with a sort of digital money that expires, cannot be accumulated, and that you never legally own;

  2. Digital money on which "someone" can also directly charge you interest and commissions in an unquestionable manner;

  3. Digital money that you cannot spend without permission.


The official introduction of the CBDC will cause a cataclysm of biblical proportions in all the nations involved.

The "non-systemic" (expendable) banks will all be destined to fail, or at least, suffer severe downsizing. Account holders of these banks will lose huge sums of money [3].


Those who believe they can save their assets by migrating to Bitcoin are sadly mistaken. Wednesday, January 10, 2024, is the date Bitcoin is “technically” dead!

On this date, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) approved Bitcoin ETFs. Although many "experts" and "specialized press" have hailed this event as great news, the reality is very different: "Traditional finance has crushed the anarchist bitcoin project's head."

An “anarchist” project, as many believe Bitcoin to be, cannot and must not be influenced by traditional finance in any way. I think even a child can understand this. Timothy C. May's anarchist dream is dead and so is his manifesto [4].

But the reasons for the death of bitcoin are not only of an "ethical" nature, unfortunately, they are also of an exquisitely "technical" nature.

As many know, bitcoin is not a normal monetary system at all. To exist, Bitcoin MUST "move" (transactions) within its network. The presence of traditional finance (Bitcoin ETFs) disrupts the "core nodes" of the Bitcoin network, i.e. the Miners.

If the miners are unable to validate the blocks of the blockchain, they will not receive (= earn) the bitcoins thanks to which they are able to easily support the "enormous" management costs of their Server Farm (especially the costs of electricity). Due to these difficulties, numerous miners are "already" starting to "silently" sell their assets to systemic banks, which at this point will find themselves in the position to completely control the core Bitcoin network. Far from an anarchic monetary system.

The next halving (expected between April/May 2024) will only make the situation worse. For this reason, many miners are “silently” handing over their former lucrative assets to banks who, for now, appear to be offering miners generous cash offers (in the order of $100 million), in exchange for silently handing over their mining activities.


Time will show us that this information from the dark web is indeed true.

At the same time, I would like to say that this information is highly credible. We have anticipated the reasons before.


The CBDC is a digital currency that by its nature is dominant and therefore cannot coexist with another high-potential digital currency such as bitcoin "was". No one should escape the hellish CBDC infrastructure. The NWO stipulates that “everything” must be tracked and remotely controllable. CBDC is the perfect tool of domination, we have already said it.

Bitcoin ETFs bring to mind wild third-class dance parties aboard the Titanic. It was the dark and freezing waters of the Atlantic Ocean that abruptly ruined the party. Only at that moment, the few "dancers" who managed to get on deck realized that the lifeboats were no longer there and that the transatlantic would inexorably sink shortly thereafter.


At this point, some readers may be thinking of "freezing" their assets by buying gold. The following is the trend of gold over the last 20 years.

At the time I am writing, gold has well exceeded 2000 dollars per ounce (=28.35 grams). Gold is certainly a safe haven par excellence, but it is also true that its value has long lost contact with reality.

The real reason for its unstoppable growth is that the "real experts" have never bought the fairy tale of Bitcoin as the new (digital) "gold". Only fools did that.


When the Bitcoin ETF bubble explodes, gold will take off. But panic buying is a bad idea. There is the risk, not remote, of "protecting" the current monetary assets with a few ounces of gold in the future. It means having closed the stable when the cattle bolted!


It is therefore necessary to plan, IN ADVANCE, intelligent strategies.

Even today there is a market that has not lost contact with reality. Even if this market is starting to grow, as it should. It is the market for strategic lands and high-added value.


The land market in Europe is varied but the two countries are very attractive from this point of view. The first, in my opinion, is Spain. The second is Poland.


Spain is still today a place where it is possible to buy prestigious lands at extremely competitive prices that cannot be found in all other European countries. For example, it is possible to buy a private buildable hill of 5 hectares (50,000 m2), equipped with its own water well, sea view, with hundreds of olive and fruit trees, adjacent to a nature reserve. A paradise [5]. This means saving your savings intelligently.


Poland, on the other hand, is the only country in the European Union whose economy, despite everything, continues to grow at a sustained rate. The reason is very simple. Although Poland is a member of the European Union, it has not abandoned its national currency. Today it is still possible to find buildable hilly lands, in areas of absolute prestige and beauty, surrounded by woods, although at the same time not far from thriving cities. Land equipped with all essential utilities (water, electricity, gas, internet), connected by impeccable roads and motorways [6].


And then let's say it once and for all: the earth is also the mother of gold.


In these dark times, having a piece of land and building your home there is the only wise idea to protect yourself and your family for as long as possible.




[1] For further details please refer to the following link:

[2] For more details:

[5] For further details please refer to the following link:


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