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Coriacea: Architecture Level 3

Aggiornamento: 24 mag 2021

Architecture Level 3 (AL3) is the architecture that Coriacea, as a vCISO, recommends to its customers. The purpose of AL3 is to envelop the company with a real Digital Skin without forgetting to activate the Immune System of the same Organization (IT Security Strategy).

The origin of this architecture is The Pyramid of Freedom and Security. The Pyramid is divided into 3 levels. In turn, this Pyramid is itself a section of 3 concentric Rings (toroidal), one inside the Other. For many details, see my whitepaper “vCISO Internals - Your Digital Skin”.

Referring to the figure below, we can say the following.

AL3 when seen as a whole is extremely complex.

At the same time, AL3 is a simple architecture because it is recursive; its “nodes” replicate and branch out at least on base 3.

As far as the world of matter is concerned, the Digital Skin itself is in 3 layers (Governance, Management, and Operational).

The same thing happens in the world of the mind, and here we mean above all the Security Strategies, they too branch out at least on a 3 basis, with a disconcerting percentage (read the whitepaper for more details).

AL3 is an architecture that creates a digital skin and envelops your organization while protecting it. AL3 integrates with technology even at a very high level, but this integration is always guided by a very refined purely Risk-Based approach.

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