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All connected with Everything: Are you ready?

It is known that the annual economic losses due to cyber-attacks are in the order of a few trillions of dollars. An interesting article predicts that for 2021 alone the economic losses in IT Security will be around 6 trillion dollars. A huge figure that cannot be justified by the technical ability of cyber criminals alone. There must be more.

Coriacea in this study[1] shows that these enormous economic losses are mainly attributable to a lack of the Security Strategy. It should be noted that the “first” step of the Security Strategy is Risk Management (RM). We also remember that the heart of the RM is the “fundamental” Risk Assessment (RA).

Said in a more concise and easily understandable way to all, we can affirm that in the IT Security field the main culprit of those very high economic damages, mentioned above, is mainly due to a lack of Risk Assessment.

In fact, always in this study[2], Coriacea shows that the literature but also the tools that support us in addressing the highly articulated Risk Assessment are not up to par with today's situation.

It is necessary to refine our Risk Assessment (called RA3 by Coriacea) in an elegant, simple, and at the same time powerful way. The Security Strategy based on this new and profound Risk Assessment must in turn be inserted within a new and capillary security architecture called by Coriacea Architecture Level 3 (AL3) [3].

All connected with everything in the IT Security field opens up scenarios that man has NEVER known in its evolutionary history.

It is necessary to structure our company, and not only, in different ways because the "root" of Security is an extremely deep ancestral concept. Coriacea calls this root the Pyramid of Freedom and Security[4]. Starting from this very deep root, the aforementioned AL3 architecture was developed and its recursive derivations penetrate the company everywhere.

Defense belongs to man, thanks to his intelligence and creativity. The time has come to defend yourself in ways that are creative, simple, recursive, and at the same time powerful. Only in this way can we face the new future scenarios, where all connected with everything[5]. The final target is a complete reorganization of our security based on 3 levels, better to say 3 worlds one inside the other.

Before getting closer to the final target, we can and must refine our security strategy, as indicated above. Following and with time, we will go back in the AL3 hierarchy whose root is, as mentioned, the Pyramid of Freedom and Security.

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